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For my birthday in August, I was 'gifted' a Schwinn Lakeshore Cruiser (in sad shape) that came with a (non-functioning) 66cc Chinese SKYHAWK GT-5 2.75 HP engine made at the YuanDong Gas Enging Factorry in China / 10.20.2009.
I am currently working on resurrection the bike & the engine. Albeit, I may add an engine kit to my Schwinn Meridian, as well.

I was fortunate to find a great channel that covers a lot of stuff regarding these 'inexpensive' engines.

People out there looking to slap one of those $ saving Chinese motors on a bike should check out Brian Noel's Channel here on YouTube. Brian has 56 videos for his "48cc Chinese Red Speeder bike"  (this link should bring up the playlist =


Show Brian some love by subscribing and clicking the thumbs up icon on his videos. [thumb]

***Update: I recently found a couple of videos where the owners had installed the 66cc Chinese type of engine and the roller/friction type engine to their respective Schwinn Meridian trikes.
However, sadly the details on 'How To' are lacking in these videos...





More info to come as I uncover these... 'ancient Chinese secrets'.

Staton Inc of Utah also has a 35cc Honda 4 stroke engine kit for the Meridians:

The 'downside' to adding gasoline motors to bicycles in the state where I live (run by the commies) is that the bicycle (with motor) must be registered with the state, licenced (as well as the operator must be licenced), taxed and insured. WHERE AS, an electric motor modified bike is EXEMPT under federal law from these commie imposed hardships and burdens / provided the electric motorized bike doesn't exceed 20mph to 30mph within 1 mile with a rider of 175 pounds and is has a less that 750 watt motor. 

Thank you.  [thumb]

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