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Mr Martin R Wilson

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Just wondered about other people's thoughts on the possible end of bike related content videos by Bikemanforu. It seems like the end of an era for this particular bike retailer who is turning to oyster fishing. 

I think the first video I watched was the one about the walmart bike sucking your wallet bone dry and then soon started watching some of the others. It was interesting to see the highs and lows. 

The honesty was quite compelling. Bikeman wouldn't hold back criticising some customers or attempting to mask his annoyance after dealing with them for the videos even if he didn't directly criticise the people face to face.

Are there similar fly on the wall type videos of any other bike shops?

As someone who buys inner tubes from poundland here in the UK and fits them myself I was always surprised how many were happy to pay $30. That's just me and my tight fisted ways though.

I'm certainly going to give whatever new videos are created a look but I doubt I will continue watching because it won't be bikes but you never know. 

When I first started watching bikeman he reminded me of andre the giant. 


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